Intel Will Introduce Kinect-like Capability to Laptops

Intel has introduced a new peripheral camera, called Creative Senz 3D which can use voice commands and hand gestures to control PCs. The camera is designed to deliver 3D depth to any Intel-based computers with a capability that is similar to Kinect found on Xbox consoles. It allows a wide range of application, including facial recognition feature for security purposes.

Some already argued that this could be the beginning of the end for touchpads and perhaps even touchscreens. The software behind Senz 3D camera can effectively differentiate movements of the environment and a person. Its 3D capability allows the camera to pick up facial, movements and depth characteristics. The Dragon Assistant feature can also recognize differences in speech and voice tone.

Unfortunately, the Senz 3D is still quite bulky, but subsequent models will be refined resulting in lighter and smaller devices. Intel says that the Creative Senz 3D will be integrated to future laptops and tablets.

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