The New MacBook Air Isn’t Much Faster Compared to Earlier Models

Recent benchmark results show that the new MacBook Air is only marginally faster than the earlier Air model. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the new Haswell processor isn’t meant to be faster, but more about reduced power usages. For a slightly faster speed compared to comparable Ivy Bridge processors, the Haswell requires only half the power. This would directly mean that the laptop would deliver twice the battery life.

But this should change when Apple releases the MacBook Pro, which hasn’t arrived yet. It would be quite easy for the company to sneak in a Haswell processor into current MacBook Pro model, but Apple didn’t do that. So, it appears that Apple is planning to add something more to the device. Since there are no credible reports related to this issue, it is not known what the company is working at the moment.  But, we can be quite sure that the upcoming MacBook Pro will be much faster, since the laptop lineup is designed to be a powerful machine.

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