Asus Introduces a New Haswell-Powered Ultrabook, Vivobook V551

Intel confirmed earlier that the new Haswell processor line will offer improved battery life thanks to the fifty percent lower power requirements. MSI has recently announced world’s first gaming laptop with Haswell processor.

Asus had also unveiled a new Haswell-powered model, to be specific an ultrabook with Intel Core i7 4500U processor, called Asus Vivobook V551. Other hardware components include DVD burner and 3-cell Lithium-ion 4500 mAh battery. The 15.6″ display with its 1366 x 768 resolution may look somewhat underwhelming and this would place the laptop in the mid-range category.

At about 5.3lbs, the Vivobook V551 is rather heavy for an ultrabook, but this should be rather understandable due to the use of dedicated graphics card, DVD drive and large display.

The laptop is currently available for pre-order in several retailers for slightly above $1000. (Approx. £644) However, there’s no word when the Vivobook V551 will actually be shipped.

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