Five Best Gaming Laptops for Summer

For many gamers, consoles are considered as the platform of choice. But, true gaming enthusiasts know that PCs are the way to go when they seek deeper experience.

Desktops would give us the extra oomph we need, but for many travelling gamers and LAN party-goers, portability is an essential factor. Here are among the best gaming laptops for summer  that won’t trade too many frame rates by being mobile:

  • Alienware M17X: A $2500 (Approx. £1609) laptop with great sound quality and powerful performance level. It comes with various useful extras including customizable backlighting.
  • Samsung Series 7 Gamer: A gaming laptop with responsive keyboard, stunning display and solid overall specs. It sets users back $1,519 (Approx. £978) and can outperform other gaming machines in the same price range.
  • Lenvo IdeaPad Y580: For about $1000, (Approx. £644) the laptop can handle newest game titles at 1080p resolution, thanks to the powerful performance level and modest SSD.
  • Origin EON17-SLX: Priced rather outrageously at $4,600; (Approx. £2961) the Origin EON17-SLX is perhaps the fastest gaming laptop money can buy.
  • Razer Blade: With its long battery life and slim design, the 4.1lbs gaming machine is highly portable gaming machine.

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