The Asus F75A-TY078H is a good alternative for those looking relatively low-cost laptop with 17.3” display. It should qualify for usages in office settings with low temperature accumulation, low noise level and rock-solid application performance. The matte display should be able to reduce reflections of bright indoor lighting sources.

However, the $500 (Approx. £321) price tag still comes with a compromise, such as low-contrast display. Unfortunately, the wobbly keyboard may deter serious typists. Like the earlier Asus F55A, the F75A also sports a black plastic casing with slip-proof surface. The laptop is equipped with the Intel Pentium B980 Ivy Bridge processor, which is clocked at 2.4GHz.

The Hitachi Travelstar 500GB HDD offers a decent transfer rate of 82Mb per second, which is decent for a 5400rpm model. The graphic processing task is handled by the relatively weak Intel HD Graphics GPU, clocked between 650MHz and 1150MHz. The laptop should be able to squeeze about 5 hours of battery life on idle and 1 hour of battery life on full performance requirements at maximum display brightness and WiFI enabled.

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