Apple Unveils A New MacBook Air Model

Apple has refreshed the MacBook Air family at WWDC and the new 11” model is equipped with Intel Core Haswell processor and an improved WiFi standard, the 802.11ac.

At $999, (Approx. £643) the new Air remains the most affordable MacBook model in town with 128GB SSD, while the one with 256GB SSD is priced at $1199. (Approx. £772) The most expensive model will have 512GB of SSD, priced at $1499. (Approx. £965)

Cosmetically, the model looks quite identical to the  version; it has the same clickable trackpad, 11.6” (1366 x 768) display, ports configurations and aluminum unibody construction. Nevertheless, the new Air model is still all-around a small laptop with best feel and look.

Another significant improvement is the 12-hour battery life, which is a step up from previous model with 7-hour battery life. Graphics-wise, the new Air gets a bump up with its Intel Graphics HD 5000, which is as fast as mid-range dedicated mobile GPUs released a couple of years ago. Users can also count on the new WiFi standard, 802.11ac for significant performance boost in data transfer over wireless networks.

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