Apple May Unveil the Haswell-Equipped MacBook Pro on October 15

New reports indicate that the next MacBook Pro model will soon arrive, specifically on October 15. The new laptop model will be equipped with Haswell processor, which is designed to significantly improve battery life. This should be a follow up to the previous MacBook Air release, which is equipped with the same hardware platform.  The new MacBook Pro could be equipped with the new OS X Mavericks

The media event on October 15 will be the next major releases after the official announcement of iOS 7, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S earlier this month.

Apple may also announce the iPad Mini 2, with its high-resolution Retina Display, manufactured primarily by Samsung. Like the iPhone 5C, the next iPad Mini may also arrive with multiple backplate colors. There’s no confirmation on possible color options, but they may include black, white, red and green.

Rumors are bound to change a bit and sometimes, they are flat-out wrong. Regardless, as we are nearing the month of October, more details should flow in abundance. It’s quite likely that these devices will be available for UK consumers during the holiday season.

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