Apple is Working on Fix for the New 13-Inch MacBook Pro

Apple has finally acknowledged issues that affect some 13-inch MacBook Pro  units, which cause keyboard and trackpad to become unresponsive. Any model recently purchased could potentially have the glitch. The issue was first reported in the company’s support forum and the thread that discusses the glitch has been expanding quite rapidly.

So far, the only effective way to solve the problem is to hard reset the machine, which is hardly a fix at all. In some cases, users can close and reopen the lid to re-enable the keyboard and trackpad. Unfortunately, the old troubleshooting procedure doesn’t provide any favorable result.

It involves using a keyboard combination during startup to reset the System Management Controller. For the time being, users can go to Apple’s Support Pages to read a recently added section that covers recently reported issues on new MacBook Pro models.

Apple unveiled a thinner version of Retina MacBook Pro 13 and 15 last week. Two important improvements are fourth generation Intel Haswell processor and OS X Mavericks. The new software version features multiple display support, iCloud Keychain, improved Safari web browser, revamped calendar design, iBooks, tabbed finder and new Maps app.

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