The new Gigabyte S1185 seems to know how to please laptop users. It comes with a compination of great display solution and good system performance. Like the Microsoft Surface Pro, the S1185 also has a kickstand that allows users to benefit from hands-free operation.

Unfortunately, they won’t be able to choose between different angles, because the kickstand can be set up only on one position. But, it’s a good thing that attaching the keyboard is very straightforward and users can’t really do wrong. As soon as the keyboard and tablet are put together, the magnet should do the rest.

On the sides, there are VGA out, HDMI out and a couple of USB ports. They are not located too close to one another, making it possible for users to attach bulkier peripherals. It should be noted that these ports are located on the detachable display or the tablet unit, which could cause problem with cables hanging from the sides.

At its heart, there’s an Intel Core i5 337U dual-core processor humming dynamically at between 1.8GHz and 2.5GHz. There’s a Phison 128GB SSD under the hood that’s offer improved data transfer rate, although not as fast as drives made by major manufacturers. The Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU should be able to handle typical graphics requirements, including light photo editing and casual gaming.

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