Apple Begins to Scrutinize New MacBook Air Units for WiFi Problems

Apple recently issued a statement advising Apple Geniuses and Advisors in the US to capture mid- models of MacBook Air that are affected with WiFi issues. Some consumers reported through online forums that WiFi connection on their new MacBook Air timed out after a couple minutes. The only solution so far is by restarting the connection, which doesn’t really solve the problem. To acquire affected machines, Apple has offered fresh units, which supposedly isn’t plagued by the same problem.

Apple adds WiFi 802.11ac to the new MacBook Air, which can theoretically bring faster connectivity and bigger bandwidth. It was reported that a software may be causing users to get sluggish performance on their wireless network.

However, Apple hasn’t validated the relation between the two, but if this is the case, it should be relatively easy for the company to issue a software update to solve the problem. Experts from Anandtech have also discovered that the OS X operating system assigns very small TCP windows size to achieve the expected data throughput.

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