Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro Named As The Most Reliable Windows Laptop

Soluto is known for its PC troubleshooting service, which has saved many computer owners from deep frustration. Soluto’s service works by crowd-sourcing problems and scanning PCs for installed bad applications. Recently it analyzed a wealth of data gathered over the years and the company has identified the most reliable Windows notebook.

Surprisingly, it is not a PC machine, but instead the Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Soluto reviewed records on BSoDs, hangs and crashes, and found that the MacBook Pro 12-inch as the most reliable. One factor that contributes to the exceptional reliability is believed to be the clean installation. Laptop manufacturers habitually install bloatware and extras that could cause issues in the long run. One lesson to take here is to buy a new PC laptop with DOS/LINUX installed, which allows clean Windows installation.

Acer Aspire E1-571 is the second on the list. While it’s nearly as trouble-free and stable as Apple’s laptop, it only costs a third as much.

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