Can Web Developers Work on Laptop-Tablet Hybrids?

Ideally, laptop-tablet hybrids deliver the best of both worlds in a single device. Convergence between both device categories should also deliver solid proposition in terms of money spent. Buying laptop-tablet hybrid should be cheaper than owning a separate laptop and tablet. But, they shouldn’t be designed like crappy notebooks that can turn into crappier tablets.

Hybrids are useful for average consumers, but would they benefit web developers?

Unlike typical office workers, web developers have more specialized requirements, such as better handling on objects displayed on the screen. Fingers are less precise than mouse pointer. So, it would be difficult for developers to handle form fields, buttons and other input elements with touches alone.

This seems like another area where touch-only devices unable to answer professional requirements. Consequently, web developers need to accept that this is an area where they can’t go too far. Obviously, hybrids can still be useful for web developers, especially for quick monitoring tasks. Large screened laptops and desktops are still the only options for web developers expecting to achieve full productivity capability.

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