Android Laptops Can be As Cheap As $200

Low-cost laptops are filling up the market and Android-powered may soon join them. Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, said that laptops prices will soon reach the $200 (Approx. £128) price point. However, most of these devices are likely based on Android, instead of Windows 8, due to lower hardware requirements. It’s not specified how Android laptops would look like, but they could have convertible design.

Experts have expected that the laptop market will pick up in the second half of the year as new, affordable convertible models become available. Later in 2013, Intel will also release processors that support multi-mode LTE connectivity, one feature that could find its way to Android laptops.

Microsoft said that it will slash Windows licensing costs for touch-equipped, small laptops. This would allow users to get more affordable Windows 8 models. Nevertheless, laptops powered with Android OS may still be cheaper as Google never charges licensing fees for its mobile software platform.

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