Google Chromebook Pixel Review

Google places the Chromebook Pixel in a rather unique position. It is surely one of the best in its class with impeccable construction. The Pixel is very slim without being fragile, substantial without being heavy and rigid without being bulky. One strong distinction about the laptop is the superb minimalist design and the keyboard still feels roomy and comfortable for long-term typing given the otherwise compact system size. The decent battery life, optional LTE support and low fan noise, only make the Pixel an even interesting device.

Much of the spotlight is stolen by the Gorilla Glass-protected high resolution 12.85-inch display. It offers crisp text and bright backlight, in some way better to what we see on the iPad or Retina MacBook. The touchscreen capability is generally responsive and the intuitive user interface makes the laptop a blast for web browsing, light productivity tasks and some gaming. The Pixel comes with Intel Core i5 3427U clocked at 1.8GHz and users can spend nearly 5 hours with the laptop when browsing the Web with WiFi.

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