A Security Engineer Attached a Raspberry Pi With a Laptop Power Supply to Access a Network

Richee, a network security engineer, recently posted instructions on how to make a laptop power supply using the small Raspberry Pi computer. The new device also allows him to gain an open backdoor in corporate networks. The entire assembly can easily placed to any location. Richee said that it helped him to perform remote support anywhere, but the device can be used for malicious purposes in the wrong hands.

The Raspberry Pi is a very small laptop with only 700MHz single core processor, 512MB of RAM and a distribution of Linux OS. It has USB and HDMI out ports, but more importantly an Ethernet socket. Geeks and even children bought it for less than $35. (Approx. £22)

Richee only soldered and glued the Pi to fit it into a laptop power supply. He ran a simple script that allows the computer to connect with the network through SSH and plugged in an Ethernet cord. It would run for weeks since the Raspberry Pi only requires a small amount of power.

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