A Closer Look on Sony Vaio Flip 13

Available for £700, the Sony Vaio Flip 13 is a mid-tier laptop with Intel Core i5 4200U clocked dynamically between 1.6GHz and 2.6GHz. Weighing 1.31kg and measuring 325mm long, the Flip 13 is reasonably light and compact for a 13-inch laptop. On the sides, users can find audio jack, card reader, HDMI port and a couple of full-sized USB 3.0 ports. The 8Mp camera on the back is also reasonably powerful for a laptop.

Like most laptop models in the market, the Vaio Flip 13 comes with a number of flaws. Although the laptop may look great on paper, users would find a few things wrong with it. The display is reasonably colorful and bright, but it looks rather grainy. Sony may also need to reconsider the design of Flip 13, when the display lid is open; it tends to lift the entire laptop off the table.

The hard plastic standoffs also don’t make the machine more stable. Its plastic and aluminum construction may look rigid, but the laptop feels overly flexible throughout. The fans may also spin up a bit provocatively at times, making the Flip 13 noisier than other ultrabook models.

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