A Closer Look at Graphics Capability of MacBook Pro

Apple’s new edition of MacBook Pro arrives in five different hardware configurations, two based on 15-inch displays and three based on smaller 13-inch displays. They are all equipped with Intel’s new Haswell chips on 13-inch models and Crystalwell chips on the 15-inch models. These devices come with Iris integrated graphics solution and only a high-end MacBook Pro 15-inch model offers the discrete Nvidia GeForce GT 750M graphics card. Users in the UK may purchase it for around £1650.

The Iris Graphics is an often-overlooked new improvement we get from these new MacBook Pro models. It is able to deliver up to 50 percent improvement in performance compared to the common Intel HD Graphics 4000 solution found on earlier Ivy Bridge platforms. It consistently scores higher frame rates on various benchmarking tools, including CineBench r15.

Even with the basic model, users can still play some games at smooth frame rate, as an example Total War: Rome II can run at 35fps with medium detail settings, but titles with more intensive 3D requirements, such as Assassins Creed IV would be quite unplayable even at lowest detail settings. On the other hand, the model with GeForce GT 750M should handle any new game quite well at medium-high detail settings. Nevertheless, even at its most powerful configuration the MacBook Pro series isn’t match for serious gaming rigs.

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