Compared to Windows 8 laptops, not many people are picking up Google-based Chromebook and some experts accuse it as only a laptop filled with a glorified web browser. Chromebook may sell quite well on a number of online retail websites, but it’s not clear whether it will have the success needed to sustain its long-term presence in the global market.

It appears the market is still entrenched in the long-time belief that laptops should run familiar operating systems like Mac OS X and Windows to be useful. Even the somewhat popular, free Linux-based platform like Ubuntu still fails to establish solid presence in the market.

It’s true that many Windows users spend a large proportion of their time with later versions of Internet Explorer, but is it necessary for Microsoft to develop a lightweight operating system based on Internet Explorer, perhaps named as Windows IE? True that some of the browser components can be expanded to deliver some computing tasks, but it will offer limited capability compared to full-fledged. Perhaps, Google should learn from Canonical’s experience and find out why alternative operating systems are unable to succeed in laptop market.

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