Asus Releases the Dual-Display Taichi 31 Ultrabook

Asus teased us with its 13.3” Taichi 31 Ultrabook with its double-sided display. Instead of using the standard convertible design with twistable hinges, the dual-display configuration may offer some added benefits to users. The outer display will be enabled when the laptop is closed, turning the whole design into a tablet.

It is also possible to activate both displays simultaneously, which could be useful for presentation purposes or when playing multimedia content for a group of people. A common suspicion for dual-display devices would be short battery life, but in the case of Taichi 31 ultrabook, users can get up to seven hours of operational time. Both 13.3” displays have 1080p resolution, but only the outer one is covered by scratch-resistant layer for added protection.

There are two variants offered, each with Intel Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge processors. Price details are not yet revealed, but it could be more expensive than the Taichi 21, currently priced at $1,300 (Approx. £837).

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