What Google Should Do To Make AndroidBook Interesting?

Priced at $1,299, (Approx. £836) the ChromeBook Pixel failed to establish significant impression in the laptop market. It is much too expensive for typical laptop users and many have expected better features from something sold above $1000 (Approx. £643) . We have been hearing about the AndroidBook and this could be Google’s next step after the ChromeBook Pixel.

As expected, the AndroidBook will run Android OS, which geared to seamless touch-based experience. The ChromeOS itself only delivers mediocre touch capability. Some people have argued that the ChromeBook Pixel looks too boxy. Google should realize that many laptop users prefer models with beveled and soft edges.

Compared to its more affordable competitors, the Chromebook Pixel is smaller to allow for better portability. However, it might be a good idea if Google also releases a bigger Androidbook variant to avoid everything from getting too crowded. The Androidbook certainly won’t be a perfect laptop, but people may pay the premium to get it, if Google applies a good concept.

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