New UltrabookExperts predict that ultrabooks with Windows 8 OS and touchscreen capability may be priced at around $600 (Approx. £386). This would further solidify the convergence zone between tablets and laptops. However, if these slim computing devices continue to stay at above the $1000 (Approx. £644) price level, they may struggle in due to direct competition with smartphones and tablets. HIS iSuppli recently significantly reduced the ultrabooks sales projection to 54 million units from 83 million units.

Ultrabooks still represent a lot of opportunity, especially when Intel introduces its newest technology with gyroscope, accelerometers, GPS, voice recognition and hand-gesture recognition, allowing ultrabooks to behave more like a mobile device. These technologies would make ultrabooks compelling products for avid mobile device users seeking for more powerful devices for moderate to advanced computing needs. Supports for Windows XP will end on April and there would be a surge of demands for Windows 8 computing devices before the ends.

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