Some analysts argue that the era of large tablets with 10” display will soon end as the landscape is being dominated with convertible ultrabooks and smaller tablets. They believe that the interest towards these full-sized devices will not only erode gradually, but instead drop off quite rapidly this year.

After the release of Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 and iPad Mini; many people increasingly believe that large tablets with 10” displays are too big. On the other hand, users who insist on using larger tablets find that hybrid laptops are more usable with the detachable displays and physical keyboards. Convertible ultrabooks seem to be the key in this year’s laptop industry, with their sleek form factor and manageable display sizes.

Equipped with touchscreen displays and Windows 8 OS, these hybrids are selling quite well although they are not blockbusters yet. Windows is still a much better productivity platform compared to the iOS and Android, with support for traditional PC software.

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