BlackBerry May Be Developing a BB10 Laptop-Like Product

BlackBerry is supposedly in the brink of total collapse, but the company still have big dreams. Their goal is to release replacements for laptops with BlackBerry 10 devices, like the Q10 and Z10 as early steps towards more capable products.

BlackBerry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins explained that it’s not just about releasing the next smartphone model, but it’s more on offering the market with device representing the power of laptops. As personal computing device, it is aimed to unify and execute any kind of user’s computing requirements.

A few have attempted to put all the capabilities of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other computing devices into a single product and none have succeeded. It appears that BlackBerry is planning to be the first in the industry to get this right. Some have speculated that BlackBerry will release BB10 smartphones that can be inserted inside a tablet- or laptop-shaped docking station, but Heins refused to confirm this. However, he promised that the company will unveil some of the concepts at the upcoming BlackBerry World event.

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