Toshiba Unveils 5-in-1 Laptop Concept

Toshiba recently introduces the innovative 5-in-1 laptop concept, which could satisfy users with multiple form factors depending on their unique computing requirements. The concept resembles traditional thin clamshell laptop, but it can morph into multiple shapes thanks to its removable and foldable design.

First, users can remove the keyboard unit and create a hinge by the folding back the battery compartment. With the display and keyboard separated, the laptop resembles a standard all-in-one PC setup. Overall, available modes include convertible tablet, presentation/TV, standard tablet, canvas and standard laptop. In canvas mode, users can flip the keyboard unit 270 degrees, which makes the display well suited for digital pen use. This also gives the best angle for creating graphic design and digital artwork.

The device comes with a magnesium allow chassis with the 13.3-inch touchscreen display. Obviously, such a complex design would involve many moving parts and this adds a significant price premium. Most convertibles offer three different modes and they already offer enough functionality and flexibility. This is still a concept design, so Toshiba doesn’t provide any information on the actual hardware specs. However, we could expect to see an Intel Haswell-based platform, using the Core i5 or Core i7 processor.

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