Tobii Technology Unveils an Ultrabook With Integrated Eye-Tracking Technology

There will be a time when computers gaze back at us and the path towards this development has started. A firm from Sweden, Tobii Technology, has unveiled an innovative ultrabook design, which is being developed with Synaptics, a renowned touchpad-focused company. The laptop combines Tobii’s new eye-tracking technology and Synaptics’ touch-based input methods to improve user experience.

To this date, Tobii is far from being a global household brand name, but this may change since that company has developed an impressive eye-tracking capability. The Gaze UI will allow users to scroll, zoom and navigate the Windows 8 interface with only their eye movements and touchpad. Previously, the company introduced the REX, a USB-based peripheral that extends the capability of standard laptops.

The new ultrabook prototype includes the technology as a built-in capability, allowing users a more seamless user experience. This should be a worthwhile improvement, since the REX is priced at $995 (Approx. £640) and placing the device below the laptop display isn’t something that users want to do everyday.

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