The Upcoming Apple MacBook Pro 15” is Spotted in Geekbench 2 Benchmarking Tool

We noticed last month the Apple 13” MacBook Pro in Geekbench 2 benchmarking tool, but the company has yet to release the machine. Now, a new model carrying the “AAPLJ45,1” code name has been added to the list and it seems to indicate the new MacBook Pro 15”.

It’s not clear whether the new laptop is Retina-capable, although it is believed that Apple will move to an all-Retina laptop lineup.

The benchmarked laptop seems to carry the new Intel Haswell processor and 16GB of RAM, delivering the Geekbench score of 12,497 points. This is roughly in line with other Haswell-powered devices. Like the MacBook Air, the biggest benefit users can gain from the new laptop is better energy efficiency and Apple should be able to boost the battery to twelve hours.

The Iris Pro 5200 integrated GPU won’t beat most dedicated graphics card models, but still a huge improvement over Ivy Bridge’s Graphics HD 4000 GPU, with twice the performance gains.

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