Acer LaptopsWhile many users may have divided opinion about the Acer Aspire S7, they would agree that it is a curious beast. Its thinness is without doubt impressive and the Corning Glass 2 layer promises added durability against scratches. However, it is easy to complain about the relatively short battery of only 4 hours, about 2 hours less than the average in the category.

This is something we wouldn’t like to see from a $1700 (Approx. £1095) laptop. As a response, Acer officially launched a 2500mAh external battery that should considerably extend the operational time of the S7. With the external battery, users can get slightly more than 9 hours or about 5 hours longer than with the ultrabook’s internal battery.

Users will need to screw the external battery to unit’s bottom and connect it to the power socket. It is a bit unfortunate that the arrangement makes the Acer Aspire S7 looks awkward and the battery robs the ultrabook from its exquisite thinness. This will also make the laptop about 0.75 inches thicker and 0.6 pounds heavier.

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