Does The Dual-Display Design of Asus Taichi 21 Useful?

Asus Taichi 21 - Asus NotebookWhen it was officially unveiled the Asus Taichi did look flashy with dual-display configuration. However, once the shock and awe finally wears off, many would start to question about the usability of its two displays. They also add weight and have reduced durability as the lid surface is made from glass on both sides. While the Gorilla Glass layers on both sides lift up our confidence a bit, there’s no guarantee that the lid will be similarly durable compared to a standard lid.

But, is there any compelling use for the dual-display design? Perhaps, if you really need its mirroring feature. This would be rather useful during a presentation session as more people will be able to view the laptop simultaneously. However, it is very disappointing that only limited number of apps can use the feature.

Users can’t just load a third-party movie playback software up and expect to watch movie with many people. Consequently, potential buyers need to check what software that can use the mirroring capability.

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