It is a bit of a shock to know that Intel has discontinued the Ultrabook concept and called it a failure. When early ultrabook models were launched, many criticized them as being slower, expensive and miserably built.

The concept is generally a response to MacBook Air, but it lacks the battery life, performance level and display quality.  Haswell-equipped models could be the last-ditch effort to save ultrabook, with touchscreen display, longer battery life and reasonably fast processor; the PC industry may nearly get it right.

Intel may plan to replace the ultrabook concept with 2-in-1 models, also known as notebooks with detachable displays. However, it’s easier to hate detachables with its higher price tags and potentially less practical form factor.

However, this actual demise of ultrabook category may not come so soon. Manufacturers will still produce new ultrabook models and many consumers will still buy them; especially if they are priced lower than MacBook Air. But without support from Intel, we could see ultrabooks go the way of the netbooks.

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