Sony Vaio SV-E1712F1EWSony Vaio SV-E1712F1EW is a rock solid performer, which proves that good-looking laptops don’t have to be expensive. While many entry-level machines lack acceptable stability and workmanship, the Sony Vaio SV-E1712F1EW manages to surpass expectations. Combined with properly-designed input options, the SV-E1712F1EW makes for a decent business-oriented device as well.

The 17” display may give us mixed feelings, while it’s spacious, the tight viewing angles would easily disappoint film fans. Due to the large display, the laptop won’t score points with compact form factor and obviously, mobility isn’t among its strong points.

The Sony Vaio SV-E1712F1EW allows users to choose diverse array of processors, from Pentium B980 to a much more powerful quad-core unit. It is also possible to choose between different RAM sizes and hard drive types. The standard feature is Radeon HD 7650M, which provides modest graphics processing capability. There’s also a 1.3Mp webcam, DVD-RW drive, three USB 2.0 ports and Kensington Lock.

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  1. hey, I wanna buy laptop.But I am little confuse which one to buy?? My choices are Lenovo,Asus and Sony Vaio.So ny1 cud help me in it?? N which is suitable to buy ??i5 or i7??plz help me…..

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