Asus K75VJAsus K75VJ come with a balanced design, with excellent performance for daily uses and decent gaming capability. It won’t heat up excessively or run loudly when running common tasks. Asus offers a two-year warranty period, something that prospective buyers would easily appreciate. The empty, secondary HDD slot offers a nice upgrade potential.

The Intel Core i7-3610QM processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 635 graphics card and a 17“ display (1,600 x 900 pixels) should look attractive for many people. Asus K75VJ has a metal palm rest, but other parts of the laptop are made from plastics. The laptop seems to waste plenty of space, which could be used to make a bigger keyboard.

The touchpad offers a palpable feedback and short travel; there is enough space for performing multi touch gestures. The Asus K75VJ delivers five and a half hours of operational time at idle, but it runs for only one hour under maximum load. The huge 17” display is suitable for playing movie and users get two and a half hour for continuous DVD playing.

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