Sony’s new VAIO laptop is set to be unveiled officially at the IFA  event next month. To keep the hype up, Sony has published a teaser video for the tablet. It shows us that the tablet includes the viewer orientation, which was available previously on Lenovo laptop models.

Users can fold around the keyboard section so it faces down onto your lap or desk – this should help to improve experience during video consumption. Sony regularly introduces new laptops in IFA and last years, we saw the Vaio Duo 11 introduced in Berlin with its slide down 11-inch display. There are a couple of display orientations to choose from, notebook and tablet; however users have no choice over the angle of the display.

On the other hand, the new VAIO laptop shown on the video looks more flexible. But, until Sony sells the tablet, there always be a lingering question whether consumers actually need this sort of flexibility.

Upcoming VAIO – Teaser video

It all begins with one line – a teaser movie for new Sony VAIO PC. Official announcement to be made at IFA, Berlin in early September.

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