Intel Introduces Three New Atom Mobile Processors

Intel has recently three new N2xxx ULV mobile processors to its portfolio. The N2805, N2810 and N 291 are fabricated using the 22nm technology. While they are technically parts of ValleyView-M line, these chips use the Atom naming conventions to designate their mobile purposes. One of them is equipped with quad-core design and lacks hyper-threading feature, which confirm its ValleyView-M architecture.

There are very basic specs revealed for these chips so far. The N2805 and N2810 are comprised of two cores with 1MB L1 cache. The N2910 chip has quad-core design with 2MB L1 cache. None of them is equipped with hyper-threading feature. The N2805 and N2810 are clocked at 1.46GHz and 2GHz, respectively.

The N2910 quad-core chip runs at 1.6GHz and it isn’t known if Burst mode is present or not. Compared to earlier Atom chips, the N2910 offers huge performance boost, while the N2805 and N2810 offers modest performance increase over the current Atom N2800 “CedarView” chip. These processors are currently priced at about $132 (Approx. £86), or about three times more expensive than the Intel Atom N2800.

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