MacBook Air users in the UK should check whether their units have a serious flash flaw, especially if they were purchased between June  and June  with 64GB or128GB of flash storage. In this case, users should back up their data immediately. It was reported that some MacBook Air units may suffer from critical flaw on the flash storage and this means they might belly up all the sudden. Fortunately, users can find out whether their units are affected.

Users should go to the Apple menu and then choose About This Mac > More Info. Click the storage tab to find out how much internal storage the machine has. If you have the newest model, the original MacBook Air or one with 256GB of internal storage, then you are in the clear.

However, if your MacBook Air unit is in the target zone, it still doesn’t that the drive is faulty. Apple promised that only a few percent of the devices are affected. But those who are unlucky enough to own one; should immediately go to the Apple menu and choose “Software update” to see whether the firmware update is available.

Download the newest update manually and restart the machine after the installation completes. The newly installed software should give users the final say whether they have a faulty storage. In this case, head to the nearest Apple repair facility to replace the drive, free of charge.

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