Laptops Tablets in 2013One exciting thing about tablets is their amazing apps, between iOS and Android, there are more than one million of the available. Many of them are completely free or nearly so. Released figures tend to show that tablet makers are making great inroads and many average laptop users have decided to use tablets entirely, especially for home uses.

Will tablets eventually dominate the laptop market?
This would be difficult to predict as laptops generally have far better computing power and more established operating system. However, devices like the Surface Pro would diminish laptops’ advantages with its powerful x86 processor and Windows 8 Pro OS.

Although hybrid tablets may be a good replacement for laptops, one piece of good advice would be to wait. Laptop users need to wait how the tech industry would shake out. For many laptop users with more demanding requirements such as businesspeople and average gamers, even hybrid x86-based tablets may not be suitable replacements.

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