AMD will Release Brazos 2.0 Processors

AMD Brazos 2.0 ProcessorsNetbook users would be familiar with AMD’s APU solutions, which combines a processor and integrated graphics solution. Unlike Intel’s built-in graphics capability, AMD’s platforms work more like dedicated graphic cards, allowing fluid full HD video playback and DirectX 11 representations. After releasing the highly efficient C50/C60 and the more powerful E350/E450, the company released the E2-1800, which turned out to be a disappointment with its slight performance increase compared to the E450.

In we would start to see ultra-portable laptops running the new E2-2000 dual-core processor clocked at 1.75GHz. The APU will feature 1MB of cache the Radeon HD7340 GPU (538-700MHz). From the technical standpoint, this would easily look like AMD’s attempt to rebrand the earlier E2-1800, as the 50MHz clock increase would offer nearly indiscernible performance boost during daily usages.

Significant improvements wouldn’t arrive until AMD releases APUs with 28nm Kabini core, which will be aimed to replace all Brazos chips in the market.

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