Should We Buy an Android Laptop?

Previously, we heard sketchy rumors about an upcoming Android laptop. Although some believe these rumors have no basis whatsoever, it is quite likely that Google has already considered it.

We already have hybrids running Android OS, particularly the Asus Transformer lineup, which is quite usable for light productivity tasks. They are good companions for traditional PCs, but too limited to be used as full-time laptops. From technical standpoint, Android laptops may look rather unexciting.

They would have display smaller than 12”, but the use of relatively fast multi-core processors and SSD could still be interesting for mobile-oriented users. Hypothetically, a decently equipped Android laptop would be more expensive than $300 (Approx. £193). Google needs to significantly revise the user interface to correspond with the Mac OS X and Windows.

The homescreen would be in landscape orientation and a reliable taskbar must be added. Objects on the display should easily be controlled with mouse and the multitasking mechanism must be reasonably smooth. Current Android versions don’t support windows and when added, they should include resize and snap functionality.

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