Seagate Will No Longer Be Making 7200rpm Laptop Hard Drives

If you are planning to purchase a high-end laptop, chances are quite good that there’s a SSD (solid state drive) under the hood. This makes even slim 2.5” 7200rpm hard drives look like bulky 600lbs gorillas. High performance in the laptop industry can only be achieved with SSD and manufacturers will soon need to do something drastic.

It is confirmed recently that Seagate will stop making 2.5” 7200rpm laptop hard drives. The 5400rpm models will still be around and they are used only to budget and mid-range laptops. Prices of SSD have dropped somewhat these days and this reduces the demand for 7200rpm HDD in the notebook market. A 256GB SSD may cost more than $700 (Approx. £450) in 2010 and it is only about $250 (Approx. £161) today.

Laptops with hybrid drives combine small (32GB/64GB) capacity SSD with normal, high capacity 5400rpm HDD and this further reduces demands for 7200rpm hard drives. Seagate’s decision may start the trend in the hard drive market and Western Digital hasn’t announced a response to this development.

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