After such a long wait, finally we see Seagate’s new SSD and the company launches four different ranges of the drives. Three are designed for data centers and the fourth, Seagate 600 SSD lineup is called as the “ultimate laptop upgrade” with its 6Gb/s SATA capability.

Based on rough calculations, the SSD should allow laptops to boot 4 times quicker than those with standard hard drive. On average, software can run twice as fast and the drive can survive drops better. The 2.5” Seagate 600 SSD is available in two different heights; 5mm or ultrabooks and 7mm for standard notebooks. There are three different capacity options 120GB (£99), 240GB (£199) and 480GB (£399).

Admittedly, Seagate’s offerings are slightly more expensive than the competition. Crucial M500 packs 960GB of space for £475 and it offers roughly similar read and write performance with Seagate 600 at 400Mb/s. Previously, Seagate’s approach to flash-based storage was limited to only the Momentus hybrid hard drive.

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