Seagate 3rd Generation SSHD Review

Seagate’s new thin SSHD is designed specifically for ultrabooks, which delivers nice compromise between slim form factor, storage capacity, performance and low price tag. At only $86 (Approx. £55), it can serve the task as primary storage unit reasonably well. Also at 500GB, Seagate’s 3rd generation SSHD is a proper solution for those who are not ready to invest on a SSD yet, but want uncompromising performance level and storage capacity.

So, how fast is Seagate’s SSHD? Based on early tests, it did quite well in terms of boot time. While it takes 10 seconds and 20 seconds, for SSD and conventional HDD to boot Windows 8, respectively; the SSHD sits conveniently in between at 15 seconds. Obviously, the low price tag comes with its own compromise; the SSHD still has mediocre performance in terms of data transfer. It offers less than 40MBps write speed and 90MBps read speed when used as a secondary drive. The speed drops to 17MBps when the drive reads and writes simultaneously.

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