Dell XPS 13 L322X Ultrabook Review

Dell first revealed the XPS 13 lineup last year and at the time, the ultrabook looks like a no-frills solution with exceptional application performance and solid workmanship. Fast forward to this day, Dell has updated the lineup with the Dell XPS 13 L322X model. Visually, not much has changed, but the company has no need to change the great build quality and look that have stood the test of time.

Even those new to the Dell XPS 13 models will find the ultrabook appealing with its scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass panel, lightweight carbon fiber and strong aluminum alloy.

Fortunately, the addition of the 13.3” 1080p IPS panel means that the glare-heavy displays, limited viewing angles and weak contrast ratio are things of the past. The panel also produces deeper blacks and visibly deeper colors. Users can choose between various processor option from the Intel Core i5 3317U to Core i7 3537U. The main storage unit is the Samsung 256GB SSD, but only 239GB is usable for users.

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