The Schenker XIRIOS W712 is a very powerful laptop with high end computing and 2D/3D graphics performance, which can be beaten only very few other alternatives. When running full load during long periods of time, its performance output seems to be perfectly stable and doesn’t throttle even for a little while. Obviously, some reductions in performance are to be expected when it is running on battery power.

At 6kg, the Schenker XIRIOS W712 is mostly used as desktop/server replacement and moved only when necessary. Requiring nearly 270W of power during peak load, the laptop could last only for about 20 minutes during worst case scenario.

The Intel Xeon E5 2680 octa-core processor is originally designed for high-performance desktop that can reach up to 3.5GHz. The Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD is usable for storing the operating system and other critical software for faster performance. Users can store data or backup files in two 1TB 5400rpm hard disk drives. The Nvidia Quadro K5000M is equipped with 4GB GDDR5 and delivers amazing performance with CAD, 3D rendering and video conversion software.

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