When the demand is high for business laptops, it is quite likely that large proportion of consumers will choose a HP EliteBook model. The 8470p is a good representation of typical 14” EliteBook laptop and it builds on the market success of the predecessor, including the 8460p. The 8470p sticks with the strong points of its predecessors such as good input options and robust aluminum case, which gives the laptop a chunky look. At 35mm thick, the EliteBook 8470p is among the bulkier example in the business laptop market.

Like any business device, the HP EliteBook 8470p comes with security features and tools, which seem to be fully thought through. Although the 2.9GHz Intel Core i7 3520M processor comes with the built-in Intel HD Graphics 4000, users can’t really use it to conserve power as HP doesn’t include switchable GPU capability. Nevertheless, the dedicated AMD Radeon HD 7570M GPU brings decent 3D capability, offering 28 fps with Diablo III at high detail settings.

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