Samsung Series 5 510R5E Review

For most consumers, the Samsung Series 5 510R5E looks like a nice all-around laptop model. Aspects worthy of mention include slim case design and balanced hardware configuration. Neither the build quality or design style leaves much to be desired. The matte surface offers increased resistance against fingerprints and dust. Even input components, like touchpad and keyboard are properly thought through.

However, Samsung could have given more attention to the connectivity option, as there’s only a single audio socket. The non-backlit keyboard limits usability in low-light settings. The harshest criticisms could be directed to the 15” display. It may fail to meet user expectations with poor brightness level, color space and viewing angles.

Visually-oriented consumers may need to opt for models with a display that’s better in this respect. The Intel Core i5 3210M dual-core processor is clocked between 2.5 and 3.1GHz based on requirements. The AMD Radeon HD 8750M allows CoD: Modern Warfare 3 to reach 27fps at highest detail settings.

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