The Samsung 400B5C-H02DE is decent business-oriented notebook, with a number of obvious strengths as well as weaknesses. As a whole, users should be able to award the laptop mostly positive mark. It has exemplary stability and workmanship with comprehensive connectivity options, except for the lack of DisplayPort.

Users will also appreciate minimal noise emissions and temperature. Another highlight is keyboard, which among the finest in the category. Unfortunately, Samsung partially negates these positive traits with a mediocre display, offering unsatisfactory screen resolution, contrast ratio and viewing angles.

Fierce price war in the industry may have compelled Samsung to choose this type of display. Fortunately, the matte surface and decent brightness level allow for some outdoor use. The Samsung 400B5C-H02DE offer 15.6” WXGA display, Intel Core i5 3210M, 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. One interesting feature is Internet access through the 3G module. The laptop is available for between $1050 (Approx. £676) and $1450 (Approx. £933) based on features offered.

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