Panasonic Offers an Improved Version of Toughbook CF-C2 Laptop

Panasonic has brought in new updates to its semi-durable convertible laptop model, the Toughbook CF-C2. The update also delivers improved performance and battery life. Another significant enhancement is the 4G LTE connectivity. The larger battery boosts the battery life to 15 hours for charge. That’s three hours longer than the previous Toughbook version. The new laptop is also updated with the Windows 8.1 operating system.

Like its predecessor, the convertible model comes with the same swiveling display design, which could be used as standard notebook with detachable display or as tablet. The CF-C2 is powered by the more efficient 2.9GHz Intel Core i5 4300 Haswell processor and the HD Graphics 4400 offers improved graphics capability.

The front-facing webcam now has larger resolution at 1.2Mp and the 5Mp rear-facing camera is an optional feature. With price starting from £1225 for the 128GB model, the CF-C2 does look a bit overpriced. However, having the multi-carrier 4G LTE data connectivity thrown into the mix, the laptop would be appropriate for users with preferences for portability value. There’s also a 256GB version available as well.

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