Dell Inspiron 15-7537 Review

Priced at around £1000, the Dell Inspiron 15-7537 is too steeply priced even for a well-configured multimedia laptop. Buyers would rightly expect a degree of excellence, something that all devices could easily meet. Nevertheless, with the Inspiron 15-7537, Dell manages to deliver high performance level and high quality casing; although the design may make the laptop looks a bit bulkier than reality. The display itself is protected by the scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass coating. The 1Mp webcam above the display could be a major disappointment if users expect to perform video call sessions frequently.

The Inspiron 15-7537 is available in two screen resolutions 1366 x 768 and 120 x 1080. Gone are the days when the ULV energy-efficient processors are reserved only for subnotebooks or compact ultrabooks. Full-fledged multimedia laptops like the Inspiron 15-7537 can be reasonably equipped with such hardware platform.

The Intel Core i7-4500U dual-core Haswell processor is clocked dynamically between 1.8GHz and 3GHz; which ensure great performance level. The Samsung SSD 840 Pro offers exceptionally high reliability and excellent data transfer rate. There’s also Nvidia GeForce GT 750M under the hood, which could support many games at highest detail settings with 1366 x 768 resolution.

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