The Origin PC has recently announced that consumers can begin purchasing its high-performance laptops, EON17-S and EON15-S. Apart from the obvious difference in display size, at 17” and 15”, respectively; both laptops are similarly equipped with a 4th generation Intel Core mobile chip, Nvidia Geforce GTX 700M GPU, dual storage drives with RAID and mSATA. The EON17-S and EON15S is designed to deliver breakthrough performance level for professionals, hardware enthusiasts, artists and gamers.

As a standard option, Origin PC is offering these laptops in silver, black and red as well as custom air brushed.

Users would easily notice the aggressive, eye-catching and unique design, that’s exclusively offered by Origin PC. There are also customizable touchpad and backlit keyboard, with seven color options and three lighting zones, which should allow users to customize their machines to match specific color style they want. The Intel 4th generation mobile processor will provide longer battery life thanks to the higher energy efficiency.

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