MSI Officially Unveils the Professional-Focused GT70 20K and GT60 20J

MSI, one of the leading computing hardware manufacturers have announced the GT70 20K and GT60 20J. Equipped with the Nvidia Quadro GPU, both laptops are the company’s latest additions to its repertoire of professional-centric workstations. These models have been certified to run Adobe’s software solutions, including the SolidWorks, Creative Suite and Autodesk.

Typically for high-end devices, MSI chooses the Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, which is paired with the Cooler Boost 2 feature for reduced system temperature.

The GT70 with its Quadro K3100M GPU and GT60 with the Quadro K2100M can efficiently tackle professional solutions, including Adobe Photoshop, Pinnacle Studio, AutoCAD Design Suite and many others. With the built-on Nvidia Maximum technology, engineers and designers can simultaneously perform software-based analysis and rendering on a specific system.

MSI is traditionally known for its standard, business-focused and gaming laptops, so these new professional workstations may further expand their extensive portfolio. The GT70 20K and GT60 20J may soon be available in the UK starting at about £1300.

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