Acer TravelMate X313 is Arriving to the UK

After spotting the Acer TravelMate X313, you may not be so sure that you have seen every single ultrabook model out there. The X313 can be a laptop when docked and a relatively large 11.6-inch tablet when detached. Sharing some design characteristics with the Acer Aspire P3, the device offers extreme scratch resistance. Users can choose between models with 60GB or 120GB SSD.

The whole assembly runs Microsoft Windows 8 OS and the X313 could be joined soon by refreshed models of the TravelMate P lineup. As such, we will find P645, P455 and P255 to return in the form of improved variants with boosted hardware specs.

The Acer TravelMate will be available in the United Kingdom and the rest of the European countries in a few days starting from €999 or about £840. On the other hand, the more expansive TravelMate P lineup will be joined by new models ranging from £460 to £965 starting from next month.

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